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A great service to create a website and manage it for any person or company.

Fully ManagedHosting only
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Please see below 2 options: Fully Managed and Hosting only.

Fully Managed Website / Blog

Service includes:

  • Website setup + 1 month free hosting.
  • Several adjustments to make sure the design and content matches buyer’s wishes.
  • Daily / Weekly maintenance and monitoring to make sure everything is running well.

Fully managed:

  • We manage the admin account making sure everything runs smoothly.
  • The buyer receives an Editor account which is able to fully control the website pages, posts & media.
  • The buyer can ask for extra work or features which can be implemented at an agreed fair price.

Website Features:

  • Premium theme design including regular premium updates.
  • Posting articles / creating pages
  • Media section for management of pictures & files
  • Security to protect from hackers
  • Ability to insert ads on all pages or specific locations
  • Automatic checking of broken links
  • Tool to redirect old URLs.
  • and much more – basically anything that one needs to run an information website or blog.

Required from buyer:

  • Description of your wishes.
  • Text / pictures of starting pages.
  • The URL address for the website/blog


  • Hosting the website will cost a small amount of $10 per month for most websites.
  • Rare resource heavy websites (videos, big pictures) must cover an extra monthly fee based on their bandwidth usage.

Hosting only

This option is only for experienced people who can do everything themselves. This service includes a setup of a CPANEL account for the buyer for the provided URL. The buyer then can do anything he or she wants by themselves. Monthly hosting cost is same as described in “Hosting” above. The initial setup includes 1 month of free hosting.

Please ask questions

Feel free to write an email with your questions if anything is unclear to or via our Contact page.

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Fully Managed, Hosting only


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