DolyGames Easy Macro Recorder v1.0


Very easy to use tool to repeat your mouse or keyboard clicks as much as you want. Useful both in games and in any other situation where you need to repeat something a lot (e.g. Excel, Word, filling in forms).
For Windows users only.


Tool Features:

  • No installation required !!
  • Small size program >> super fast >> super easy to use!
  • Save and re-open sequence
  • Pause and continue recording
  • Playback speed: can choose same speed, or double speed, or 4x speed
  • Choose # of playback repetitions or set it as Infinite

Wartune (Game) examples:

Super useful for things like:

  • Clicking Astrals (multiple ways possible based on your wishes)
  • Collecting things in the Farm: seeds, revives, doing friend’s farms, etc.
  • Spinning Guild Altar by clicking many times on the SPIN button
  • Exploring Sky Trails by clicking many times EXPLORE and ATTACK
  • Completing Archaeology if you have spirit covenant (character walks as the tool clicks to collect)
  • Collecting rewards when there is no collect all button
  • Any other repetitive boring task – creativity is your limit.

Note from COSMOS / DolyGames

I’ve put my own money to pay for the development of this tool and it’s really useful in many situations, so please don’t steal / pirate it, or anything of the sort.

Note of caution for Gamers: often Game Companies write in their policy that any outside program is considered as a 3rd party program not allowed according to their Terms and Conditions (which includes any program that you use related to the game such as Microsoft Windows, your Internet Browser, Windows Calculator, Microsoft Excel, etc), so use at your own risk. That said, in practice players are using all sorts of similar programs and nothing happens to them, especially a simple click-repeating tool like this which does not do anything illegal.


User Feedback

Farm Collection Example Short Video

Guild Altar Example Short Video

Video Showing Example with Sky Trail

Video Showing Example with Astrals



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